Our Story


Dr. Eric Luks opened his orthodontic practice.


Dr. Virginia Luks, Dr. Eric Luks’ eldest daughter joined our practice. The doctors practiced side-by-side for a number of years working to develop consistent care between them for their patients. Much to their surprise this came very naturally despite their being separated by two generations and Dr. Eric Luks having studied at the University of Toronto and Dr. Virginia Luks in the United States. Their techniques and philosophies about patient’s treatment were seamlessly the same. We cannot say for sure but we think it’s in the genes!


Dr. Virginia Luks purchased the practice from her father, and became the principal practising orthodontist. Dr. Eric Luks continued to practise on a part-time basis, and after forty-five years in practice and over 10,000 patients treated, he retired in 2013.


Dr. Virginia Luks moved the practice from it’s long-term fifth floor office building location on the north-west corner of Yonge and Lawrence to it’s current elegant and state-of-the-art space, just steps away, a storefront location on Yonge Street just south of Lawrence. Here, we welcome patients of all ages, for exceptional orthodontic care in a calm, safe and service-oriented environment with all the latest technology.


Dr. Raman Samra and Dr. Elise Vincelette, a husband and wife duo, joined and purchased the legacy practice from Dr. Luks. All three doctors worked alongside each other to ensure a seamless transition of patient care.


Dr. Virginia Luks retired from the profession and will deeply be missed!
Orthodontics… it’s all we do, and we’ve been doing it for over 50 years!

Why Luks

Team photo of Dr. Luks and team

We are a husband and wife team who joined the legacy practice of Luks Orthodontics in 2022. Together we have over 15 years of orthodontic experience, and for many years we’ve dreamt of opening our own office. We are very fortunate to have met Dr. Virginia Luks and take over this wonderful practice in the Lawerence Park neighbourhood.

Dr. Elise Vincelette, a native of Vermont, met Dr. Raman Samra, a native of Markham, while studying at Boston University. They were married in 2018 and welcomed their first child in 2022!

We strive to create a memorable experience and life-lasting smile. Not only do we love the intricacies of orthodontics, but we particularly enjoy the relationships we get to build with our patients and their families. As a family ourselves, we understand just how important this is!

At Luks Orthodontics, ethics is our middle name, we will commence no treatment before it’s time and we will not sell you any treatment that cannot be completed to better esthetics, function and stability than your pre-existing condition. We just wouldn’t be able to sleep at night!

We are experts in delivering efficient treatment times. We are constantly evolving to develop new and better treatment protocols. This is necessary because treatment is primarily doctor delivered. You may not appreciate this difference only because you won’t know any different but trust us when we say…..this is a huge differentiating factor about our place! Our doctors don't just point and delegate.

We are a low volume personal service-oriented practice! We are in the relationship business. We provide a safe and inviting treatment space where you will learn each of our teams’ names. Every day we are incorporating systems to deliver you everything you need. Need something special? Just ask us!

We recommend your first appointment as early as 7 years old.

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We work with teens all the time and have a range of treatments to fit their unique needs.

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It's never too late to improve your smile. From whitening to corrective treatments, we've got your perfect smile covered!

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