Covid-19 Notice
to Patients


Hooray! Our office remains open as we continue to practise all the required safety protocols to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.

Please read and familiarize yourself and your children with our updated protocols at the practice in light of the pandemic to protect our patients, our doctor and our team…

  1. We require that all patients and parents wear a mask or face covering before entering our office.
  2. On arrival, please use the hand sanitizer provided in the glass vestibule, then make your way into the waiting room and have a seat.
  3. Patients will be required to repeat the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 screening questionnaire that was completed on booking or at a reminder call.
  4. A forehead temperature will be taken.
  5. Our brushing station is temporarily closed, so please brush thoroughly before coming to your appointment - we cannot impress enough how important this is. You will not be able to re-brush at the office. Inadequate hygiene may contravene Dr. Luks from asking the repairs/ adjustments that may need to be completed. Please be mindful that we are trying to keep dental aerosols and flying spit to a minimum.
  6. Our underground parking has been re-opened.
  7. Our washroom is temporarily closed for patient use.

It is our hope that we will be able to lift some/all of these protocols but not until it is deemed safe to do so. If you have any questions/concerns relative to any of these imposed protocols, please do not hesitate to contact our office so we may explain further regarding their importance.

Wishing you and your families health and well-being,

Dr. Luks and your team at Luks Orthodontics

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